Social Media Manager

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Here is a quick tip on Social media management, that I found and have taken serious advantage of. You know how we are always saying that it seems children today are born knowing how to use these devices the moment they come out the womb. Matter of fact I ask my children if they remember while being in the womb and an angel shows up with a phone, Ipad, or any other electronic devices and say class begins lol. Well if you are a mom and you are just getting started on your home based business, whatever then believe me when I tell you that during summer vacation you do not have to pay anyone to manage your business social media, nor do you have to cut out any time out of your schedule to do so. Your children are more than capable. Take a few hours in one day and show them what you need to be done, and trust me it will be done. I have three teen girls and let me tell you it is awesome, and I can say I get more help from my 13-year-old which is the youngest than I do from my 18 and 17-year-old. But that is because they have part-time jobs while in school. However, when they are home they always have some kind of social media tip for me, especially on Instagram. SO please take advantage of it, you can pay them a small fee, which will be tax deductible.