Do Not Fall For Everything

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With everyone fighting and clawing to create better lives for themselves and their loved ones. We are all fighting for different things, to gain a better control of our lives, which include such things as our spiritual life, work life balance, family and or marriage issues, and to gain more financially and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that. My concern is that while some of us struggle with different things and in different areas, the ones struggling the most tend to sometimes get desperate,t he truth is life can be extremely hard and challenging at times. And so we go out seeking help, which is a good thing a very good thing the problem is those who have a better handle on their situation begins to take advantage of those who do not.
For instance there everyone is an expert in something and while there is nothing wrong with that, or using your gift and talent to help someone else, the problem is not everyone can help you and so you have to be careful, thanks to the internet anymore, everyone talks such a good talk and please understand they might be able to help someone but not necessarily you. Your situation is unique to everyone else’s, just be careful what you are paying your hard earned money for. All I am saying be sure you get your money’s worth. The problem is once your time with that coach or whatever is up, are you able to go back and say I did get out of it what you said I would (“ Honestly I have no idea how that would work”) So go into with all sorts of questions first, be sure your questions are answered to where you are satisfied with them .
I am going to give one small example why I wrote this short and simple blog. I recently heard from someone who is trying to build a home based business, that all the money she has paid for different things that were so expensive and no results from it. And not it is not because this person did not work it. I seriously felt that her coaches should have taught her how to start small and not just rush to get the big clients.
Is it possible when you go to some of these coaches who themselves have nothing but high paying clients, they start you off that way ( Because I hear so much of you should charge what you are worth) But honestly is there not a process for everyone? It is like they fail to remember they themselves had to start somewhere.