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MBW mom of the month December

Jacquelyn Lopez

Hi friend! I am Jackie. Crazy for Christ, married to a king and mother to three warriors.
I am currently COO of Casa de Lopez, and homeschool educator to two of my children. In my spare time,
I am a business developer who is passionate about helping others prosper right where they are.
My dream is to help other mothers not have to struggle financially. I envision many real-life wonder
women building legacies for their children that will be passed on for generations to come. How beautiful
would it be to be able to help others do the same? I believe wholeheartedly that we all have a
magnificent purpose in life, and that we were not meant to go at it alone.

Put on your armor mom, it’s your time!
How about we change the world for the better, together?

Blessings, Jackie