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MBW First Annual Vision Board/Goal Setting Seminar

Moms Building Wealth 1st Annual Vision Board/Goal Setting Party.

As a community, part of our mission is to come together to build, support, teach and encourage each other. On Saturday, December 16 we did just that. We gathered together at the home of the amazing Lena Wilson for a Vision Board/Goal Setting Event. Lena was our gracious host.
You can find out more about Coach Lena Wilson here

The purpose of this blog is to share with you some of what went on at this event, from different moms perspective, but we not only want to share with you, we hope to inspire you to dream, to write down your visions, to set goals and work towards them. We also hope to inspire more women to work together and build together.

I am Debbie Doyle

I am the founder of Moms Building Wealth. I have an eagerness and a passion for me to bring back the days of community, to see women especially mothers work together to build their lives. Through supporting, motivating and loving each other. I am that woman who misses the days of, It takes a Village, that is something I truly believe in. I am also a mom, a wife, and cook. What I want you to know more than anything is that I have been through my fair share of ups and downs, disappointments and so much more, yet I always come outstanding. I am also a passionate home cook and you can find out more about that here
First I want to give a shout out to Coach Lena Wilson, she was such a gracious host, she was awesome. It was obvious from the start that everyone that you were in a safe place and I do not mean her home( which yes we knew we were safe) But I meant safe to share and be honest. She was extremely caring and wanted us all to get the best from the event. She carries herself with such grace it is almost contagious ( ACTUALLY IT IS DOWNRIGHT CONTAGIOUS) It was evident that she was extremely anointed for what she does.
For me I learned that my goals do not have to be large, I need to break them down in small more attainable goals in order to get to the end of the bigger picture.

My personal take away from the event, it was just beautiful to see how everyone came together, how everyone participated and was eager to share and learn.I came away feeling more empowered and like I had tools and equipment to help make 2018 and even better year. The big thing that helped was the conversation on staying true to your Vision and that is ok to work at your own pace. Set big goals but break them into smaller attainable goals.

What others were saying about the event words like It was a great time for motivation Inspiration and Encouragement. What a powerful time together, how great it truly was for women to come together on such a positive note,

Lena talked about the difference between Visions and Goals
Vision is the destination or end results of what you want to achieve
Goals are a map of directions and guidelines that will take you there.
Smart Goals,
. S meaning to be specific about your goals,
. M measure your goals, ( set dates and timelines)
.A for Attainable ( set realistic goals)
. R relevant ( setting goals that align with your dreams and or passion
T. Timeline
To set up this event was so simple we used Poster Boards, they are at Walmart for a little over $1. everyone brought magazines, which we all usually have a ton of lying around the house anyway, glue sticks which again very cheap as well as the little dollar store scissors we used.