Leaving My Comfort Zone

I never thought that my cooking would be something that makes me nervous or put in a place that left me feeling uncomfortable. I have been cooking my whole life and have always shared my food with others. For as long as I can remember I have been told that I should either open a restaurant or start a catering business Well neither one of those panned out for me and so, of course, the next best thing was to start a food blog, which you can find at http://debbieshomemade.com/. In showing my food on social media, so many other doors have been opened for me such as people wanting me to help with menu prep, meal planning, teaching them to cook, I have had others asked me about doing the actual cooking for their family. This week I had the pleasure of going to someone’s home to teach them how to cook. I have done this before but usually online or the client come to me in my home. And so when I thought about it, about the idea of going to someone else’ home, leaving the comfort of my home, I felt a little scared almost. I mean I had never met this person, we just kept in touch for two weeks via phone calls and text for two weeks leading up, You see she is an attorney and so she is extremely busy, so pinning down a date was not easy between both of our schedules. I felt really comfortable with her, as I am a people person and so I am good with people. On the night before my nerves started getting the best of me, so much so that I swear a small part of me hoped she called or text and say something came up, but no such luck.I had decided I was not going to let such an opportunity go and so I got up that morning put a brave face on and I showed up at her house. I felt real comfortable real quick, although I was a little second guessing myself if I can actually teach someone how to cook. I had a little talk with my inner self and I told that voice to be quite, that we are here and that we were going to do this because we have been cooking forever and is good at. I do talk with myself like that a lot. Wel to the point I did and the dinner came out amazing. She and her family loved it, It was all Jamaican, we made oxtails, rice with kidney beans, steam cabbage, brown stew snapper and fried dumplings and Yayyy me I nailed it. She is now wanting me to come back and teach her daughters and nieces how to cook as well. If I had let my fear kept me from going and would miss an awesome opportunity. I say this to tell you. Even though you are afraid to do it anyway.It is ok to be afraid, just do not let is top you.
Here is a peak of what we made.

Published by Debbie Doyle

I am a mom of 5 . I have endured so many tragedies in my life, things I believe that should have killed me. I often wonder how is it that I am not on drugs or an alcohol, however I have realized it is the Grace of God that has kept me for greater and better things in order for me to encourage others. And that is what I hope to do here.

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