Founder: Debbie Doyle

Photography by Mimika Cooney

I am a Debbie Doyle a mother of five beautiful children and grandmother to 4 amazing little ones. I have been married now nineteen plus years. I am from Jamaica and I love cooking, a matter of fact it is one of my passions. I do have a food blog
I created this Networking Community for mothers becauseI know that being a mother is not an easy job. And when you are a mother struggling life difficult challenges ( just a reality) or a mother who is working diligently to change her situation whether it be financial, things can get difficult and life becomes even harder. So I wanted to create a community that mothers can come together to empower, motivate, push each other while learning from each other as well. I have seen too many mothers just become stuck, stuck in their home life, work life, career and while it is easy to judge from the outside, why not build a community of women who understand what each other is going through and also understands the needs of each other.

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