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Featured Mom Lena Wilson

Lena M. Wilson-

Lena M. Wilson is a Certified Life Coach, an Inspirational Speaker, and an Author. She approaches her purpose with compassion, integrity, and excellence.
Lena is passionate about serving the Everyday Woman and her mission is to help them heal and recover from a difficult break-up so that they can regain their confidence and reclaim their sparkle.
Lena is committed to helping women through the healing process step by step, and she finds great fulfillment in seeing women move from pain to purpose, and from being broken to becoming whole.
Lena leverages her own personal experiences, two decades of Corporate Human Resources Consulting experience and her Bachelor’s degree in Communication, to authentically connect with women. She guides her clients to strategically transition from a place of being stuck to a place of
thriving so that each woman can shine boldly and unapologetically in the world.

My personal thoughts on Lena Wilson is that every woman needs a Lena Wilson in her life, she is compassionate yet fierce she has faith that can move mountains, she is kind and caring and to have her as a Life Coach, you have hit the jackpot. You will not find one who cares more about your success than she does.