Money and Manners

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Money & Manners By: Alerice Hendfield-Duncanson I hear so many comments that restrict etiquette to the realm of dinner parties, afternoon tea and polite conversations. Etiquette, however is so much more than that. Etiquette touches and influences every area of ones’ life both personally and professionally. Your manners and your mannerisms can mean the difference […]

Income Opportunities Make money in 2018

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We at Moms Building Wealth, know that with the holiday season upon us, we are all guilty of spending a little too much, a little more than we would have like. But that is what the holidays do to us, we spoil our loved ones and then we are left with no money, with credit […]

Happy New Year ( 2018) (17 Simple Tips to help you build your business in 2018)

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We at Moms Building Wealth would love to wish all of you a very happy and blessed 2018. Here at Moms Building Wealth, we want to encourage and empower you to have the best year yet and so we have a few tips for you. Find your thing (You need to be happy with what […]

MBW First Annual Vision Board/Goal Setting Seminar

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Moms Building Wealth 1st Annual Vision Board/Goal Setting Party. As a community, part of our mission is to come together to build, support, teach and encourage each other. On Saturday, December 16 we did just that. We gathered together at the home of the amazing Lena Wilson for a Vision Board/Goal Setting Event. Lena was […]

Featured Mom Lena Wilson

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Lena M. Wilson- Lena M. Wilson is a Certified Life Coach, an Inspirational Speaker, and an Author. She approaches her purpose with compassion, integrity, and excellence. Lena is passionate about serving the Everyday Woman and her mission is to help them heal and recover from a difficult break-up so that they can regain their confidence […]

Do Not Fall For Everything

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DO NOT FALL FOR EVERYTHING With everyone fighting and clawing to create better lives for themselves and their loved ones. We are all fighting for different things, to gain a better control of our lives, which include such things as our spiritual life, work life balance, family and or marriage issues, and to gain more […]

Be Your Own Cheer Leader

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Building a home based business is and can be challenging, for some of us even more so for different reasons. And if you are anything like me a dreamer or truly a Visionary as so many tell me I am. It becomes even more challenging when you are made to feel different simply because of […]

Mom of The Month of June

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Alerice Duncanson

Personal and Professional Networking

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NETWORKING WITH AND FOR A PURPOSE NETWORK, CONNECT, BUILD AND GROW FOR MOMS Networking is a great tool to grow and build both personally and professionally. Here is a list of common benefits of networking • Referrals, which means increased business. • It aids in raising your profile • Connections • You gain Positive Influence […]