Be Your Own Cheer Leader

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Building a home based business is and can be challenging, for some of us even more so for different reasons. And if you are anything like me a dreamer or truly a Visionary as so many tell me I am. It becomes even more challenging when you are made to feel different simply because of your difference. People will make you feel this way when they do not understand your dreams, they think your dreams are just too much. Imagine you are someone who is thinking of quitting their job to start a new adventure like a home based business, or whatever type of business. They here things like ” Are you crazy? How can you give up a for sure paycheck for unsure money? I could go on about the responses, but you get the message. The hard part of that, is sometimes those comments come from the people closest to us, the people we are hoping will provide support and motivation, so then you are left to feel all alone. I want to encourage you, please understand you are not alone.

Something you can do about it, Is to be your own cheerleader. What I mean by that is you have to find ways to motivate yourself.On days when I am feeling like I have no support I go to youtube and simply typing motivation. And watch as many as I need to lift my spirit and get me out of the funk. But if you are anything like me you desire person to person connection. Social media is a great place to find that, yes I know you are online so how do you find that. Well, you can create groups on face book, make it specific to your town, and be very clear about what the group is for, and let it be known if it is not followed they will be removed. Once you are connecting with people who are local to you, then you can schedule a time and a place to meet. Say a local restaurant, at the local library or even at someones home. You will be amazed how many people are feeling frustrated with the lack of support and motivation and is looking for a place to connect with others who get them.Now you have your Cheerleading Team. It really is that simple.