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Social Media Manager

Here is a quick tip on Social media management, that I found and have taken serious advantage of. You know how we are always saying that it seems children today are born knowing how to use these devices the moment they come out the womb. Matter of fact I ask my children if they remember… Read More Social Media Manager

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Personal and Professional Networking

NETWORKING WITH AND FOR A PURPOSE NETWORK, CONNECT, BUILD AND GROW FOR MOMS Networking is a great tool to grow and build both personally and professionally. Here is a list of common benefits of networking • Referrals, which means increased business. • It aids in raising your profile • Connections • You gain Positive Influence… Read More Personal and Professional Networking

Wealth Blog


FINDING YOUR PURPOSE So many of us today are struggling with the notion of Finding our Purpose. Matter of fact my 18 year old daughter who just graduated high school a year ago is struggling with this. My advice to my daughter at first was you are 18; you have plenty of time to figure… Read More FINDING PURPOSE