Do Not Fall For Everything

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DO NOT FALL FOR EVERYTHING With everyone fighting and clawing to create better lives for themselves and their loved ones. We are all fighting for different things, to gain a better control of our lives, which include such things as our spiritual life, work life balance, family and or marriage issues, and to gain more […]

Be Your Own Cheer Leader

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Building a home based business is and can be challenging, for some of us even more so for different reasons. And if you are anything like me a dreamer or truly a Visionary as so many tell me I am. It becomes even more challenging when you are made to feel different simply because of […]

Mom of The Month of June

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Alerice Duncanson

Social Media Manager

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Here is a quick tip on Social media management, that I found and have taken serious advantage of. You know how we are always saying that it seems children today are born knowing how to use these devices the moment they come out the womb. Matter of fact I ask my children if they remember […]