Debbie Doyle

I am Debbie Doyle, the Founder of Moms Building Wealth, a little about me. I am originally from Jamaica mother of 5 children, and married. My reason and passion for Moms Building Wealth is I have what is  called  a burning desire to see mothers and her children be happy, prosperous and joyous. A very large part of that desire is Community, I believe if  we all work together for the same thing we all desire then we have a greater chance of achieving those desires. I believe that desire came from the challenging life I had growing up with a single mom of six children and being the oldest. As well as the years of childhood sexual abuse I endured from many different people who I was suppose to be able to trust, having my first child at 17 from rape, keeping it to myself for years because I believed I was to be blamed, or that I deserved it Which yes led me to a path of promiscuity that took me years to recover from and forgiving myself.  To having my first child at 17, due to a rape. Being a single mom of  2, right after suffering a massive stroke and not being able to recover because I had to get back to work to care of them. I have often ask myself how did I not become a drug addict or  an alcoholic,  or why I am not dead from the stroke years of seizures , or exhaustion. But I know God kept me through it all for a bigger reason bigger than me. I know although at the time I was going through I did not have a community support. I do know the difference it would have made for me had I had that, but I do understand times have changed, but we do not all have to change what we know works. I know having a community support works and that is my desire for moms to lift each other as they work towards building successful lives for them and their families.