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Moms Building Wealth, believes that all moms deserves to live there best life possibility, it does not matter your current or past situation. Being a mom is the most rewarding yet one of the most challenging things as well. Today is not the same world or place we grew up in. Things are more difficult now. Things such as finances, the things that influences our children, what we eat. And these are some of the things that concerns us as mothers. The key is what are we doing about it, to make it better not only for ourselves, but for those we love the most.The great thing about all of this is that we have options, choices. We do not have to sit back and live a life of poverty, no purpose, no real fulfillment, no happiness. No we have options, so let us focus on utilizing those options and create that life we all want. I know as mom, the joy it gives me to be able to provide for my children, spiritually, emotionally and financially. All moms and children deserves this. Moms Building Wealth believes in supporting, and encouraging each other to do just that. To create generational legacies for our children and future children. In a newsletter from Bishop Jakes, there was a note that said, when people come together for a common goal Visions and Dreams are birthed. Lets work together birth visions, dream big and execute those ideas. 

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