Debbie Doyle ( Founder)

Hello and Welcome!!!
Welcome to Moms Building Wealth, I am Debbie Doyle the founder.

I am a mom, a wife a grandmother and I am Mom Building Wealth.
I believe Moms Building Wealth is a true Purpose of mine birth from a place of wanting more, wanting my life to matter and to mean something. At the time Moms Building Wealth was birthed I was at a really low point in my life, it had been about 6 years since I did not work, because of the seizures. I was tired of resenting my husband for making quit my job, although any decent person would have done the same, I was tired of pretending this was okay when they were not, I was tired of so many things, I did not want to live this way anymore and so this led me to a strong desire of wanting fulfillment in my life. They said there is nothing greater than Gods timing. I had always watched Bishop Jakes on I television, but it was during this time in my life, he came out with the Purpose series My God I cannot put into words how that sermon blessed me. It sent me on a journey, a Journey to find my purpose to find the purpose for my life and the purpose for all my struggles. The first decision I made was that I needed an income and so I decided to join a network marketing business working from home that led to many different ones including a few direct marketing business as well, but with no success. By this time I joined Social media and boy oh boy, you cannot help but feel like a failure especially when you are so broken on the inside when you have no confidence. Well one thing I have always known how to do and that is to think for myself, I may not have always used it to my advantage meaning that although I think differently I did not always share my thoughts I kept them to myself. Anyway, I noticed a lot of things I was seeing on social media about the less successful I did not necessarily agree with, even coming from those who say they were making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Anyway, I kept my thoughts on the matter to myself, but if they did do one good thing for me, they helped to take a serious look at me and why I had failed at the few network marketing and direct sales business I had tried. And yes I agree some of it was my fault, but I do believe there were other factors, (too personal to include just yet). I wanted more and I was not getting it. Again Gods timing is everything. During this time I came across Maria Shriver on the Oprah Winfrey show talking about her documentary living paycheck to paycheck, I was amazed, stunned yet not surprising, I knew there were people living like this, but to see it is another story. Although at the time seeing a small portion of the documentary during the show, and saw how they followed that one single mom around who had it so hard, both financially and support wise. I believe during the show what made the most impact on me, was that father from New York whose wife was a student and a volunteer and he was the only breadwinner in a family that clearly need two income. He said paydays are his worst because he does not know then if he should get the heat cut off or buy food. I realized that was my reality. My husband income being the only income since I stopped working all those years ago and my family needed two incomes, my children were deprived of so much because of this, we were not living any kind of life, no freedom in how we lived. I began to look deeper at myself and what I needed, It appeared to me, that to build a business to change your situation you need money, and that was something I did not have, and although it was big on social media and everywhere else coming from the mouths of the successful if you want it enough you will find it, that is not true for everyone, not when you are barely putting food on the table for your children that is not so. I wrestle for so long though with the thought that perhaps it is true because I saw the ones that say they sell something. I asked myself have they never really seen or heard of people who truly are living with just the shirt on their backs because both of those scenarios were my life and had been for quite some time. I do not get this. There has to be another way. One of my favorite scripture is with God all things are possible Matthew 19-26. Another of my favorite is I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Phillipians 4:19.
I knew so thing needed to be done because obviously so many were in this situation and I believe more than who wants to admit, I mean this is not something you just tell anyone because you do not want to be looked down upon, you do not want to be judged or talked about. Because let’s face it, it was people do and unfortunately, they are in the same predicament or worst, but it makes them feel better about themselves to do so. I have always longed for a sense of community, for real friendships, for real support. So I thought what if I can create that place, where mothers/women can come together with love, and compassion for each other, to support, encourage, and uplift each other. And to teach each other, another of my favorite quote is from Dr. Maya Angelou it says When you learn teach and when you get give.

I also realize this place would be just as beneficial to and for me as it would be for anyone else.