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Debbie Doyle
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Your Key to a better you

Is it me, or is one of the most important reasons we try to lose weight is because we want better health, or I’m I simply nuts or naive to think that we care more about our health than we do our looks, at least us adults. I have always known about the popular corsets, or even the body framing ones. Just did not know very much about the body framing ones, until today I watched a very popular show and it was about the health risks of those body framers. Now again U had heard of them and even thought of getting myself one, thankfully I did not . I said thankfully because of what I learned, but to tell you the truth I wanted to get me a corset to wear under my clothes. You know when you want to wear your favorite dress, but because of those few stubborn pounds, it just does not fit like it us to, or the way you would like it to. Well I learned today some serious health risks with those body framers. I was also shocked to learn that women were wearing them up to 18 hours a day. I know for a fact, i could not do that, but the thing that really got me is when these women heard the health risks of wearing those things, in the end, the results won. The cared more about the frame it gives there body and less with the risks of getting that body frame. I was stunned.

It also came at a real weird time, I just finished helping my almost 12 years old, with a speech for school. She chose to write about the negative affects society has on the world and sure enough one of the things she wrote to talk about is weight and how some people especially the young ones are making themselves sick to look a certain way, she talked about bulimia and other eating disorders. Now when I saw this show today I think about children who might see that, and I also wondered if these women were moms, or had any young ones around who might look up to them.  As a mom and a woman it is so important to not only tell our kids, or others what they should do, but it is so important to be an example in front of them as well. You know walk the walk and not just talk the talk.